16:00-20:00 (Japan), 09:00-13:00 (France), October 19, Mini-Symposium

Program: in Japanese, in English
Abstracts available (Passwd required)

13:00-17:20 (Japan), 06:00-10:20 (France), October 20, Commemoration Symposium

12:00 (Japan), 05:00 (France), October 18 - 17:00 (Japan), 10:00 (France), October 21, Poster Presentations
16:00-16:50 (Japan), 09:00-09:50 (France), October 21, Poster Core Time Presentations

15:00-18:40 (Japan), 08:00-11:40 (France), October 23, Scientific Lecture for the Public

Program with abstract: in Japanese, in French
Program: in Japanese, in English

Registration for this lecture is required free of charge for everyone who would like to attend this conference through the Maison Franco-Japonaise WEB page